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Funeral Choices

D.L. Calarco Funeral Home, Inc. serves all types of faiths and religions. We can assist you in personalizing your funeral choice to fit your needs.  Listed below are our most common service selections. Other options are available. Please contact us for more information.

  • Traditional Service
    This arrangement selection would normally include a visitation (calling hours) and a funeral service. The funeral service would either be held in the funeral home or church, and normally followed by burial in a cemetery or entombment in a mausoleum.
  • Traditional Service followed by Cremation
    Same as the traditional service described above, except following the service, the body would be cremated. Some families choose to bury the ashes. A graveside service may be held in conjunction with the burial. There are other options available.
  • Direct Cremation with Memorial Service
    The would be no viewing or calling hours. The body would be cremated and then a memorial service would be held in the funeral home, church, and or at the graveside. Some families choose to bury the ashes. There are other options available.
  • Direct Cremation - Removal file paperwork, cremate and return to family.
  • Direct Burial
    No viewing, calling hours or service. Body buried in cemetery or placed in mausoleum.

Personalize The Funeral With ...

  • Register Books - We offer many choices, traditional and nontraditional.
  • Prayer Cards - Besides many traditional choices we can make most any picture you have into a prayer card.
  • Acknowledgement Cards - We offer several different cards to reflect you or your loved ones personality.
  • Video Tributes - We can make video tribute from your family photos.
  • Memorial Boards - Magnetic boards to display your family photos. We also have many places to display meaningful articles that represent the life, hobbies and passions of your loved one.
  • Bag Pipers - subject to availability
  • Military Honors -  We will request military honors and a flag for the day of the funeral as long as you have the military discharge (DD-214).

 If you have any other suggestions that will help you memorialize your loved one, please feel free to ask.  It is our goal to help each family through a successful and meaningful funeral service. 

Online Tributes

Margaret Lea Kenney
Margaret Lea Kenney
1925 - 2018

Mary Lou Pecori
Mary Lou Pecori
1926 - 2017

James A. Nicholson
James A. Nicholson
1937 - 2017

Dennis G. Whelpley
Dennis G. Whelpley
1956 - 2017

Robert J. Kelly, Jr.
Robert J. Kelly, Jr.
1959 - 2017

Online Tributes